NDU opens up

Notre Dame University hosted its annual Open Day on Thursday.

Students wandered the streets clad with tote bags from the uni’s new High Street shop, and contemplated campus life while chomping on fairy-floss and gourmet hot dogs from a pile of stalls.

• Biomed students Beane De Wett and Keerthi Anpalagan say Prindiville Hall is now more comfortable and open.

The day also marked the opening of Prindiville Hall, which had been promised a revamp as part of the uni’s commitment to a friendlier West End presence. The building’s facelift includes an extended mezzanine level, “hang out” spaces, a green alfresco area on Cliff Street and decor that gives a nod to its original use as a rope factory.

Visitor Jadviga Kobryn-Coletti says the space is more impressive than her campus at ANU in Canberra.


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