Small stroll, big job

MIKE PAULY’S has done his fair share of high-profile walks, but carrying the Queen’s baton through Fremantle will definitely be one to remember.

The 77-year-old artist was nominated by Fremantle council to carry the Commonwealth Games baton when the relay reaches the port city.

Mr Pauly is one of only five people to have walked around Australia unaided, covering 16,600 kilometres between 2014-16 to raise money for the men’s sheds..

• Mike Pauly with Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt. Photo courtesy Fremantle Council

So carrying the baton for three minutes as he strolls through Fremantle’s Fishing Harbour should be a breeze.

“I hope I don’t fall over,” he says, noting he’s up for knee surgery.

Mr Pauly will be joined by 17 other bearers in Fremantle, as the Queen’s baton works its way to the Gold Coast for the game’s opening ceremony on April 4.


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