Fall from grace

EAST FREMANTLE residents say they are sick of stagnant water and green sludge at the once-picturesque Bicentennial Falls.

“Now it’s just sludge, cans and a breeding ground for mosquitos,” says local resident Pam Ferreira.

Located close to the Left Bank pub in Merv Cowan park, the series of elaborate waterfalls were switched off by council about 18 months ago because the water pump system was too expensive and not sustainable enough.

Mr Ferreira goes for her daily walk through the park and says she reminisces about weddings taking place among “cascading” waterfalls.

“It’s an important part of East Fremantle,” Ms Ferreira says.

• Pam Ferreira says East Freo residents deserve better than the algae-filled ponds at Bicentennial Falls in Merv Cowan Park. Photo by Alice Angeloni

Council CEO Gary Tuffin says there are plans to build a fountain in the bottom pond, and a new smaller pump will be installed in the top ponds to ensure the water remains in an “appropriate state.”

“The water feature has effectively been broken into two sections—upper and lower ponds,” he says.

Meanwhile, three sprinklers have been installed in the bottom pond on Riverside Road to circulate the water and help clear up the algae.

A few years ago the Chook reported that pedestrian bridges in the park were rotting and had become a safety hazard, prompting the council to repair them.

However, Mr Tuffin says there aren’t plans for any more upgrades.


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