LETTERS 3.3.18

I feel your Payne
THANK YOU Herald for publishing the Thinking AllowedHeritage lip service” (February 24, 2018), by Carl Payne.
His contribution was so well written and informative I read it a number of times. We’re so fortunate to have elders like Carl provided with a platform for sharing their knowledge and experience, by drawing our focus to issues we sometimes miss, but as custodians of Fremantle cannot be ignored.
I wholeheartedly agree with Carl that the Manning Buildings redevelopment needs to be a showcase of our heritage values and we need to incentivise all parties to ensures our priceless heritage is treasured so we can all reap its benefits for eternity.
Paul McGovern
Marine Terrace, South Fremantle

Ode to Chook
PEOPLE who hear the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra for the first time are surprised that a small town in WA has an orchestra of this calibre.
Indeed, once a year one of the best international violinists not only comes to WA, but performs with FCO.
The orchestra could not exist without the help of so many people and organisations: first and foremost the Fremantle Herald and Perth Voice.
Although we do the digital announcements, once the Herald and Perth Voice start advertising, we actually sell tickets.
Our tickets could not be affordable were it not for the most generous support of Fremantle Ports and Landscape Australia/Total Eden, the City of Fremantle, Town of East Fremantle and the many most generous private donors as well as the loyal audience.
Thank you all!!!
Hans Hug
Fremantle Chamber Orchestra
Ed: Hans is married to the Chook’s indefatigable ad director, Natalie.

Bravo, Dowson
CONGRATULATIONS to John Dowson and the Fremantle Society for their full page advert in the last issue of the Herald.
The mayor and Fremantle council have presided over a developers’ picnic, resulting in mediocre and pedestrian apartment architecture placed on every available space, creating a sterile colourless city.
The older preserved areas of the city’s West End are wonderful, but because they are used as colleges and Halls of Residence they hardly contribute to a vibrant social atmosphere.
Will the King’s Square development be the saviour of our city?
Somehow I doubt it, at least not in the long-term.
What would be helpful would be a re-evaluation of parking fees and an inquiry into the raising of rents and leasing costs by absentee landlords, but somehow I doubt that will happen.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra

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