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Michael Johnson from Suns of Fred is adamant the band’s name isn’t a result of goofing around during English at school.

But can his story be believed?

“We always say it’s from a trip to America…but it’s a long story and we don’t talk about it.”

Johnson and mates Luke Slywa and Dave Fox got together during drama class at Ocean Reef High School in the 1990s.

They played music; not just the fool.

“We wanted to be the next coming of Human Nature because we loved their harmonies,” Johnson says.

• Suns of Fred

Slywa and Fox were also fans of the Doug Anthony Allstars, and before Johnson joined the band the pair staged an Allstars tribute concert.

Suns of Fred’s shows are a mix of music, dance and song, with a bit of gymnastics and elements of the Allstars.

“Doug Anthony was far more political, we are more high school humour with a boy band twist,” Johnson says.

The boys quickly realised they were never going to be another Human Nature and turned their talents to musical comedy.

They write most of their own material, “but we do a parody of other songs,” Johnson says.

Suns of Fred have performed at the Edinburgh, Adelaide and Perth Fringe, as well as at the Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals.

Johnson is also a street performer and can be seen busking outside the Sail and Anchor on Henderson Street in Fremantle.

Joining Suns next Friday March 16 at the Young George in East Fremantle are local stand-up comedians Mick Gledhill and Glenn Grimwood.

To ensure a seat, pre-book at perthlaughs@gmail.com


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