ON August 25, 2017 the Herald published an article under the heading “Dowson clashes with candidate” which inferred a dispute between the Fremantle Society and its member, the then-candidate for city ward, Claudia Green in the run-up to the October council elections.

Society president John Dowson had attributed a committee decision to back another candidate to concerns that Ms Green had been “disruptive” when she resigned from the committee around the time of a by-election in Beaconsfield a year earlier.

The Herald acknowledges that was not factual, as Ms Green has provided evidence that she had resigned six months prior to the by-election. She also contends that she was the only committee member to work on the campaign of a Beaconsfield candidate the Fremantle Society had given support to, and as there were no complaints about her contribution, her behaviour could hardly be seen as disruptive.

The Herald accepts that Ms Green has always had a strong public commitment for good governance, and unreservedly apologises for any distress the article caused her or for any inference that she was not fit for Fremantle Society support or public office.

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