Council’s fresh idea on funding

FREMANTLE council is looking at spending ratepayers’ money beautifying a Hilton shopping centre because the owners won’t do it themselves.

The council got state funding last year to kick along its plans to create a town centre with a “village” vibe along South Street in Hilton.

Part of the plan is to make the public realms in front of the local IGA and Gilbert’s Fresh a more pleasant place to hang out.

But Qube Property, which owns the Gilbert’s complex, has said it’s not interested in upgrading its portion of the area so the council is looking at leasing it for a peppercorn rent and doing the beautification itself.


Qube managing director Mark Hector wouldn’t comment directly on whether his company should contribute, but says the works are a “wonderful initiative to improve the presentation of South Street while improving the safety of pedestrians accessing the Hilton shopping precinct”.

“The upgrade works are an initiative of council and the streetscape works proposed by council will complement the significant investment and revitalisation of the property Qube Hilton Development Pty Ltd has undertaken since acquiring the same in 2015,” Mr Hector said.

The council has plans to negotiate a lease on the Supa IGA side as well, but the supermarket is unhappy with plans to ban right turns from Paget Street into South Street and won’t sign an agreement.

The plan to take on the Gilbert’s side made it through this week’s Finance, Policy, Operations and Legislation Committee and will now go through full council for ratification.

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