Mind the gap

A GLARING gap isolating Fremantle from the main bike path through the western suburbs and into the Perth CBD could hold up the port city’s economic revitalisation says a councillor.

South warder Adin Lang says Freo’s got 40,000sqm of office space under development and he wants to see lycra-loving corporate types wheeling down from the affluent suburbs to help fill it.

But the principal shared path as it’s known has fallen down the list of priorities for successive governments and ends abruptly in Cottesloe.

This forces cyclists onto busy Curtin Avenue, which has a poor track record for safety , including the hit-run death of cyclist Tim Anderson in 2012.

It’s such a bugbear for riders that a candidate in the Cottesloe by-election has made the completion of the PSP his sole campaign platform.

• Lycra-clad councillor Adin Lang with Fremantle Bicycle User Group members Peter Bartlett and Rob Delves say completing the bike path from Perth to Fremantle will save cyclists from having to dodge the trucks on Tydeman Road. A band-aid fix of a caged crossing across Tydeman was officially abandoned by Freo council and Main Roads this week after a safety audit found it wouldn’t help. Photo by Steve Grant

Safety issue

“This is a high priority safety issue,” says Michael Thomas.

“The state government has promised this bike path for the last 20 years, and is yet to finish this.

“I hope if we can get five per cent of the vote this will influence the state government that this is a high priority safety issue that needs to be addressed.”

Cr Lang believes one of the problems is that the missing link connects two safe seats — one Liberal, one Labor — so there’s little motive for either side to make it a priority.

“The designated path will make living and working in Fremantle more attractive as it keeps cyclists from traffic, reduced congestion on our roads, and will free up parking spaces in our CBD for people who really need them,” says Cr Lang.

He says many of the new developments have end-of-trip cycling facilities built in.

“There’s no silver bullet to improve parking or traffic congestion, but this bike path is one step forward,” Cr Lang said.

David Honey is the highly-favoured Liberal candidate for the Cottesloe by-election and blames the McGowan government for the gap.

“Unfortunately the timing for the PSP was delayed by the McGowan government, however if elected I will work with councils, parliamentarians and the community to help coordinate a cohesive plan to the complete the PSP earlier,” Mr Honey said.

“Completing this link will enhance safety for cyclists, motorists and the Cottesloe and Fremantle communities.”


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  1. The only gap here is between this guy idea and any sense of reality

    Anyone who thinks a bike path is going to revitalise Fremantle, has spent to much with and smoking the greens

    Is this even a serious article, or someone’s weird sense of humour and a huge piss take

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