Currying favour

HOW many Indian restaurants does South Fremantle need?

Apparently, like D’Angerous Dave and guitars, the answer is “one more”.

A couple of Indian eateries have opened at 306 South Terrace in recent times, but they soon closed after failing to lure customers away from local stalwarts Copper Chimney and Saroor.

However, Eat & Meet could be a different kettle of fish pakora.

Albeit in a more low key style, because there’s nothing upmarket here, apart from the delicious food.

After working late at the office, cooking was the last thing on my mind, so I decided to grab some take away from Eat & Meet.

Onion bhaji ($9.95) is hard to beat in my humble opinion and these were superb—crisp on the outside and dense on the inside, with enough moisture to eat straight out of the bag on the short drive home.

Dipped in a raita, the deep-fried chickpea flour patties were divine.

With a blissful sigh and Last Tango in Paris in the DVD player, D’Angerous Dave and I began to hoe in to the Goan fish curry ($21.95), Bombay potato ($14.95) and biryani ($15.95).

The sweet and savoury curry had that distinctive Goan-style sauce made with coriander seeds and coconut cream.

The fish could have been firmer, but was never-the-less delicious.

The biryani was full of flavour and the perfect antidote to the sweet curry.

Fantastic zing

For me the absolute winner was the Bombay potato, which was infused with cumin seeds, onions and tomatoes.

The flavours had my taste buds dancing from the first mouthful and you could really taste the mustard seeds in the garam masala, giving this dish a fantastic zing.

A wonderfully soft and oily garlic naan ($4) was perfect for soaking up the sauces.

The menu has the usual lamb, goat and beef dishes including vindaloo, korma and rogan josh, along with a beef Badami and Kadai (all $19.95).

There’s plenty of vegetarian dishes, including an incredibly well priced thali ($10.95).


Eat & Meet Indian Cuisine
306 South Terrace, South Fremantle
9335 5769
open 7 days 5–9.30pm, and
lunch Sat–Sun

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