Choir lifeline

THE Starlight Hotel Choir has been given a lifeline by the community after losing its government funding.

The choir is run through St Patrick’s Community Support Centre and while it’s attracted people from all walks of life, at its heart are those who are homeless or at-risk of losing their homes. Many have mental health issues which helped it secure an annual $30,000 contribution from the Mental Health Commission for the last six years.

But co-organiser Dave Johnson says that runs out at the end of June and things were looking grim until the community stepped up through a crowd funding page.

So far $10,000 has been raised.

While that means he and fellow organiser Peter Anthony will have to go back to volunteering, he says at least the choir can keep doing its good work.

• Starlight Hotel Choir’s Dave Johnson and Clancy’s Pub Choir’s Jim Fisher are in tune over how music can help the needy.

They got another kick along this week when local music legend Jim Fisher kicked in another couple of grand raised by the community pub choir he runs once a month at Clancy’s Fish Pub with crooner Natalie Gillespie.

Mr Fisher said the choir was really an informal, guided sing-along, which had been attracting great crowds, ranging from 20-somethings to old rockers such as himself.

“It’s a gesture of gratitude from the crowd for the great work that St Pat’s do,” he says of the donation.

The choir next meets at Clancy’s on Wednesday, April 18.

If you’re interested in donating to the Starlight choir but are tune deaf, head straight to their crowdfunding page at

Mr Johnson says they’re also keen to find a corporate sponsor.

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