Bunch of potential

DRAMATIC, lush, luxurious, quite dark and moody—a wild modern.”

That’s how the owners of new online florist Sir Botanical describe their range of flowers.

If their early success is anything to go by, it seems their grand vision is connecting with customers.

Kate Esslemont, Georgia Brennan and Gen Stirling all met while working and studying in the floristry industry, and quickly became friends.

In January this year they decided to open a florist that would cater for the “melting pot of Fremantle customers”.

Operating out of a home studio in Beaconsfield, they supply flowers for all types of events, including weddings, hen’s parties and baby showers, as well as providing a bouquet delivery service.

Already booked-up for the autumn wedding season and looking busy in spring, the ladies decided to expand further and offer DIY flower crown kits.

• The owners of Sir Botanical with some of their gorgeous creations.

The flower crown is a popular accessory for women at events and festivals, and the trio wanted to offer an affordable, interactive option for their clients.

Starting from $65, with discounts for larger bookings, you can have everything you need to make a flower crown delivered to your door, including an instruction manual.

The ladies are hoping this new venture will set them apart from others in the industry, and give customers an opportunity to get involved in the creative process.

The ambitious trio, all in their 20s, are looking at moving to bigger premises, but would like to remain in Greater Fremantle.

“Freo is so happening at the moment—it’s just buzzing,” Brennan says.

“We’d love to be in a studio by the end of the year, hopefully, and really capitalise on it.”

Ms Esslemont agrees: “Fremantle is a giant inspiration for us.

“We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”


Sir Botanical
0435 221 553

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