LETTERS: 21.4.18

Leash it
ALL I want is to walk my dog in peace.
I keep my golden retriever on a leash.
He does the odd runner and now that I’m 56 I don’t want to be chasing him all over the park.
So when an unleashed dog comes bounding up to my dog I nearly come a cropper.
I have asked the owners of these dogs to call them back.
Their response is “he won’t bite” or “he’s only a puppy”.
I don’t care: just let me walk my dog in peace without being harassed by your dog, no matter how cute you think it is.
I can’t properly control my dog so I keep him on a lead.
If your dog is hard to control—leash it.
Jackie Robinson

Don’t overthink it
THE expansion of the Rotto hotel and glamping at Pinkys continues an endless cycle of inventing new facilities to chase a clientele to pay ever-increasing fees to justify their construction.
It is surely the dog chasing its own tail.
Surely a better way to address Rotto’s problems is to teach potential visitors they don’t need all the bells and whistles to have a meaningful time on the island.
If we stopped building so much on the island and let it speak for itself, we’d save a packet and start turning around the sky-high fees that have virtually priced out families.
Golf, anyone?
Steve Grant
Constitution Gardens,
Bibra Lake

First-world problems
FOUR of us drove to Fremantle on Tuesday for a celebratory birthday lunch at a restaurant.
We decided to park in Collie Street car park, but upon reaching the eighth and final floor we found we were in a long line of cars with no place to park.
It was very hairy searching for a place to turn around.
We stopped to warn many other drivers on the way up that they should turn back.
I tried calling the car park but they didn’t answer.
When we reached the bottom floor the attendant only then was putting out the “full” sign.
Not to be deterred we proceeded to the nearest car park on Marine Terrace by the Italian Club.
Two of the parking machines were not working.
When I called the telephone number on the machines I was rejected because my phone was not registered with them.
We finally found a third machine that was working but had to have instructions from a local in order to work out how to use it.
Tourism? Is it any wonder the tourists stay away.
This was a third world experience. Lift your game Fremantle.
Cheryl Carton
Lisa Road , Australind

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