Melville ponders caps on Canning

MELVILLE councillors have moved to cap heights at the heart of the controversial Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan (CBACP) after expressing alarm about how high developers are pushing.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, they asked CEO Shayne Silcox to prepare a report examining the effect of putting a maximum 25-storey limit on the highest-density precinct. The neighbouring precinct would be limited to 20 storeys.

Councillor Matthew Woodall said residents had been taken by surprise when the 30-storey Sabina Apartments had been approved by the state-controlled development panel.

Heights along that stretch of Canning Highway are nominally set at 15 storeys.

“No one expected it to be doubled,” Cr Woodall said.

The extra storeys were granted by the JDAP on the basis of community amenities provided by Sabina, but Cr Woodall warned the lack of specific details in the CBACP made that a very subjective opinion.

His colleague Nick Pazolli said there was a disturbing trend of developers pushing the limits.

“First there was the Cirque Apartments at 20 storeys, then The Precinct was approved for 22, then Sabina at 30 storeys, and that’s when the penny dropped,” Cr Pazolli said.

He says while there’s been no development application for the mooted Applecross Central development on a 1.4 hectare superblock bordering Kishorn Road, Sleet Road and Canning Highway, graphics released by the developers show surrounding buildings that appeared to be “40-50 storeys”.

Earlier in the evening Applecross resident Geoff Kirk chided the council for taking so long to act on residents’ concerns.

Mr Kirk said they’d outlined their ideas about minimising the impact of the CBACP on existing residents last year and felt they’d been well received.  But when he saw this week’s agenda it appeared they’d been snubbed.


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