Puppy abuse

THE RSPCA is seeking a man and a woman who were captured on a Hamilton Hill store’s surveillance cameras abusing a young puppy last month.

A trolley attendant spotted the man kicking the dog in the face and swinging it in an arc by the chain as the couple walked through the car park of the Hami Hill IGA on Friday March 16.

• The puppy gets swung in a full circle by its chain. Photos supplied Anton La Macchia

The attendant alerted another staff member who found the vision on the CCTV and forwarded it to local animal rights campaigner Anton La Macchia.

Mr La Macchia alerted the RSPCA, which is now investigating, but says he was disappointed to hear the association’s first response would be to try to counsel the couple about improving their behaviour towards the dog.

• The man aims a kick at the puppy.

The Spearwood resident says anyone caught abusing animals should be stripped of the right to own them. He told the Herald there’s a proven link that shows people who abuse animals are far more likely to go on to commit serious crimes.

He’s spearheading a campaign calling on the state government to review the animal welfare act and toughen up penalties for people convicted of animal cruelty.

Anyone who’s got information on the couple should contact the RSPCA animal cruelty hotline on 1300 278 358.


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