Put the Kettle On!

Boutique gym offers dynamic training methods for results

“At Box 33, we take a holistic approach with every client, assessing movement patterns, postural alignment, injuries and lifestyle factors. We train the body as a whole – following movement patterns, not muscles. We primarily use kettlebells for our training method. The kettlebell has been around for over 350 years and is the most powerful tool for getting strong and eliminating body fat,” explains Tim Almond, head trainer and director of Box 33 personal training studio.

Tim is the most highly qualified and experienced kettlebell educator in Australia and has trained many of the country’s top personal trainers. His fresh approach and vast knowledge of the body sets Box 33 apart from other gyms. Plus, at Box 33, everyone trains in bare feet or vivo barefoot shoes which mimic the naked foot.

Tim Almond

“The feet teach us so much about what is happening with our movement and our highly qualified trainers watch your feet to assess the quality of your movement. There’s lots of information travelling from your feet to your brain and wearing shoes with thick soles makes much of this information blurry,” Tim adds.

The Box 33 method is for everyone, whether you’re a gym junkie or have never stepped foot inside one before. The focus at Box 33 is on correct technique and individualised training programs in a supportive and friendly environment.

“The sense of community is strong at Box 33 and I think it’s the main reason our members have stayed with us for many years.”

Personal training starts from $65 per session, with free group classes and open gym. For more info, visit http://www.adaptivestrength.com.au
or call 9468 8037.

Box 33
9468 8037
6/9 Malland St, Myaree

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