Resident renaissance

THERE’S a new push to revive the Spearwood Residents Association.

The association ran out of steam after its monumental lobbying effort of 2009 convinced the former Barnett government to reverse a decision not to can the suburb’s deep sewerage.

But with the Phoenix Revitalisation Plan seemingly stalled and plans afoot to turn Rockingham Road into a single-lane, pedestrian and bike-friendly boulevard, former members John Cunai and Len Glamuzina say its time residents had a platform to be heard.

• Len Glamuzina, Louise Houghton and John Cunai are trying to kick-start the Spearwood Residents Association. Photo by Steve Grant

New generation

They’ve teamed with local civil engineer Louise Houghton to get the association back up and running, but the pair say to avoid stagnation and a “dictatorship” they’d prefer a new generation of leaders to step up for the committee.

“With the Phoenix revitalisation and the shopping centre, which is getting a bit tired, it would require a community group to help bring it into the 21st century,” Mr Cunai told the Herald.

Mr Glamuzina says he wants the whole revitalisation plan rebranded to include the suburb’s name, because naming it after the shopping centre was misleading and may have contributed to the slow uptake of investment opportunities.

Anyone interested in joining the association can contact Mr Cunai at or give him a buzz on 0499 452 554.


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