Single lane Rocko Road

COCKBURN council has revealed plans to reduce Rockingham Road to a single lane in each direction from Fremantle to Phoenix Road.

The council says it’s not expecting any congestion to result from the narrowing, as more cars already travel along its southern sections without trouble, but it will pave the way for a dedicated pedestrian/cycle path and a tree-lined median strip.

• Cockburn council’s plans for Rockingham Road.


“The project will improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists travelling along or crossing Rockingham Road.

This is particularly important considering that there were four crashes involving pedestrians in this section of road in the last five years, and one of those crashes resulted in a fatality,” read an FAQ from the council on the project.

The council says it will also include more refuge islands along the road to improve pedestrian crossing, while a one-metre buffer between the shared path and the road will give residents somewhere to put their bins.

Bus bays will only be installed at busy bus stops, with the council saying other quick stops will help slow traffic and give pedestrians more opportunities to cross.

The first stage of the work is expected to start mid-year and the remainder completed as funds become available.


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