Success without stress

MEREDITH FORDER followed her dream and became an award-winning fashion designer in the ritzy 1980s. But at the age of 24 she felt empty inside.

“I was successful…but I was missing something,” the Alfred Cove resident says.

In the early 80s hordes of upwardly mobile females were splashing money on haute couture.

“I was feeding these women’s egos and it was bugging me,” Forder says.

“I was disillusioned by life’s paradox of gaining more but having less—less satisfaction and less fulfillment.”

Forder abruptly ditched the dresses and embarked on a mission to redesign her life.

In 1992 she read an “awe-inspiring” book on the ancient Indian practice of Vedanta, one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy.

Six weeks later she was studying Vedanta in India, where she stayed for six years.

“It changed my life forever.”

• Meredith Forder. Photo by Jenny D’Anger

Back home Forder established the Vedanta Institute Perth, where she teaches Eastern philosophy and hands out a large dose of Vedanta-based common sense.

“Bringing a balance between outer success and inner peace of mind.”

The hectic pace of life is running people ragged as they chase their tail in a bid to succeed in life and work, Forder says.

She’s designed a Vedanta-inspired course to help people achieve success without getting so stressed.

“The major issue for people is having so much on their plate. It’s not a matter of slowing down; it’s a way to keep up the pace without the stress.

“The crux of our classes is how to be successful without the pressure people put themselves under.”

The course claims to reduce worry, anxiety and stress, and goes hand-in-hand with increased efficiency, creativity and composure.

“Meditation feels calm until you get into the car and in traffic,” Forder says.

“I teach you how to be calm in the traffic.”

The course is on Tuesday nights at Murray House, Heathcote, on Duncraig Road.

For more info or to book go to or call Forder on 0414 321 877. 

The first Stress Free Success session is free and subsequent ones by donation.


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