Melville mix-up

A CONTROVERSIAL development in Melville is headed for rubber-stamp approval after a consultation balls-up by the city.

Melville council sought public comment on the proposed three-level residential complex in Coleman Crescent, but it wasn’t necessary as the development was deemed to comply with the local planning scheme.

Red-faced council mandarins sent affected residents a letter explaining the mistake.

“Upon further assessment, it has been brought to the attention of the city that the building size of the proposed development (plot ratio), and the proposed building setbacks are actually compliant with the requirements outlined by the City’s Local Planning Scheme No.6.

• Coleman Crescent residents are up in arms over a three-level apartment complex. File photo

“The comments that you made cannot be taken into consideration.”

Jo Lucas lives opposite the proposed complex and raised concerns about extra traffic on Coleman Crescent, which is a thoroughfare for kids going to and from Melville Primary School.

“No one is very happy,” Ms Lucas says.

“This dwelling does not belong here—it belongs on Marmion Street.”


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