Clearing probed

A MUNSTER landowner is being investigated by three government bodies after allegedly clearing native vegetation from a wetland without approval.

It’s the second time the same West Churchill Avenue owner has been in trouble over clearing paperbark trees from around a lake that juts into his property. In 2016 he was let off with a warning letter.

On Tuesday Cockburn council confirmed it was investigating a complaint about more paperbarks being removed from the lake.

• That might be tricky to explain: the bulldozer was left bogged amongst the paperbarks overnight.

“The city is currently liaising with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to confirm its requirements under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 before determining any further action,” the council’s planning director Daniel Arndt told the Herald.

The Department of Water and Environment Regulation says it’s also following up.

When the Chook visited the day after, the bulldozer responsible for the damage was bogged in amongst the paperbarks.


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