JOSH WILSON is calling for more investment in WA infrastructure ahead of the Fremantle by-election on July 28.

He is re-contesting the federal seat after being forced to resign in May over the High Court’s ruling on his dual citizenship status.

“I’m happy to be judged for who I am and what I’ve done,” he says.

Despite no Liberal candidate in the by-election, shadow infrastructure minister Anthony Albanese was in Fremantle on Monday (May 28) to support Wilson’s campaign.

“We need investment here in Western Australia now,” Mr Albanese said.

“Investment in Perth Metronet, investment in local roads, investment in the Outer Harbour; which will transform the way that Fremantle functions as a working city.

“I’m very proud to support Josh…I’m very confident that Josh will be returning after July 28 to be part of our team.

“I think it is unfortunate that the government has chosen to put off these by-elections and to leave Fremantle without a representative until then.”

• Shadow infrastructure minister Anthony Albanese in Fremantle with Labor’s candidate Josh Wilson. Photo by Zev Weinstein

Mr Albanese lamented the slow roll-out of the NBN in Western Australia and Mr Wilson said WA got a “terrible share” of lucrative defence contracts for ship-building.

The pair spruiked a Labor government that would invest in WA infrastructure, but the media scrum was more interested in the latest Newspoll showing Mr Albanese as the preferred Labor party leader over Bill Shorten.

Mr Wilson, with pursed lips, watched as Mr Albanese deflected speculation on him usurping Mr Shorten.

“I’m concerned about the team,” Mr Albanese said.

“I’m a team player and every member of Labor’s team is playing their role, and we only have one priority–to get rid of this rotten government, this government that doesn’t have an agenda for the nation.

“I’m determined to do the job that I have, and to do it to the best of my capacity as part of the Labor team.”

Mr Wilson does have a challenger in Dorinda Cox, The Greens’ candidate for Fremantle.

When asked if there was a concern over Ms Cox’s candidacy, Mr Wilson said he was focused on his own campaign.

“You run in your own lane.”



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