Freo goes FOGO

FREMANTLE ratepayers will be hit with a one-off 2 per cent rate rise to help pay for the rollout of a new three-bin system for household waste.

Its introduction follows a trial by Melville council which found it helped reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill – which costs councils a packet. Cockburn is already rolling FOGO, as the system is known, throughout its suburbs.

Fremantle’s rollout relies on also getting part-funding from the state Waste Authority.

Setting it up will cost about $1.2 million, which mayor Brad Pettitt says will save ratepayers money in the long run.

“We understand nobody likes a rate increase, but improving the separation of recycling, reducing the level of contamination and diverting more waste from landfill will protect us from long-term increases in landfill costs,” Dr Pettitt said.

“As part of our One Planet Strategy we have a target of achieving a 70 per cent community recycling rate by 2020, so the new FOGO system will also be much better for the environment.”

The new bin system is expected to be introduced in July and August next year.

Meanwhile, Cockburn has officially pulled out of the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council, which has been dealing with its waste since 1999, along with member councils Fremantle, Melville, Kwinana and East Fremantle.

Cockburn is going it alone in moving to waste-to-energy incinerators.

2 responses to “Freo goes FOGO

  1. Why is it that as our yards get smaller we need more bins.Three large bins in a small yard is an overkill ..Perhaps the Council would get better return on it’s $1.2 million dollars by getting
    more people into composting as source then no one needs to truck the rubbish away.Cheers Brian WGV

  2. Interesting comment Brian, yards are getting smaller so how do we keep our rubbish or smelly compost? I want the three bins thankyou
    Cheers Ben WGV

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