It’s time for action!

ST PATRICK’S Community Support Centre launched its first reconciliation action plan on Thursday.

CEO Michael Piu described the launch as one of St Pat’s most historic moments.

“I believe we need to address reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians because, while some would argue all Australians have the same rights under the law … the Closing the Gap report tells a different story and we need to ask why,” Mr Pui told the crowd of around 60 people.

He says many people still don’t understand how devastating the impact of being dispossessed of their land had been to indigenous people.

• South Metro MLC Kate Doust, St Pat’s CEO Michael Piu, Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt, Clarissa Harp, St Pat’s chairman Patrick Colgan and director Victor Crevatin, and Cockburn mayor Logan Howlett at the launch of St Pat’s reconciliation action plan.

“It is as essential to them as the air is for us to breathe.”

The plan commits St Pats to engaging with indigenous leaders to help guide its work, improve its employment of indigenous staff and carry out cultural awareness training.

ATSI culture will be celebrated through education and events, while artworks will be displayed throughout St Pat’s Queen Victoria Street headquarters.

The plan was officially launched by indigenous financial counsellor Clarissa Harp, and was attented by South Metro MLC Kate Doust, Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt and his Cockburn counterpart Logan Howlett.


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