LETTERS 2.6.18

Foul Chook
I STRONGLY object to the use of foul language in the headline for the article on Fremantle council approving a tavern at Arthur Head in last week’s Herald.
The use of the F word is most despicable and to use it as a headline is most offensive to readers, including of course children.
I am not a snowflake and I know the F word is heard about in the general society, but to print it is most degrading and unprofessional.
You need to print an apology in your next edition.
Rick Shephard

Chook unique
IT takes a unique incompetence to be vulgar, inaccurate and inflame racist attitudes – all in one three-word headline.
While the J Shed issue was hotly debated at the Fremantle council, it was done so in a way that was largely considered and respectful.
To focus on one moment of inappropriate swearing, to inaccurately represent this as a direct quote – when those three words were never said – and to then put them next to an image of an Aboriginal man who has only ever been measured and polite was a new low for the Herald.
Someone at the Herald obviously decided they had got this terribly wrong as by the time the online version came out the headline morphed into the unremarkable “J Shed tavern approved”.
I don’t need an apology, I’ve got a thick skin, but the families of Fremantle and Herbert Bropho deserve one.
At the heart of that apology should be a commitment for the Herald to raise the bar of public debate and to not keep dragging it into the gutter.
Brad Pettitt
Fremantle mayor
Editor says: The Chook has a fine record of correcting its mistakes – as few as they are.

THE headline in last week’s Herald was as shameless and disgusting as when it was first yelled by that young woman.
The same young woman who was furious at being called names on social media, to then yell the obscenity at Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt was irony at its worst.
I was appalled at the general behaviour and disrespect during that meeting; it was pretty ugly.
Council represents more than 35,000 people in Fremantle and its surrounding suburbs; not just the 35 people people yelling at a meeting.
Seeing the proposal was voted in favour, your article failed to explain any reasons as to why it was supported.
Would have been handy for your audience to understand the majority’s rationale and not just consume a splashy expletive.
David Spencer
Scott St, Beaconsfield

Poor Judgement
I JUST wanted to register my displeasure at having your newspaper delivered to my address when it contains headlines such as the one referring to a council meeting and Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt.
How your editor could possibly think that the headline was appropriate is completely beyond me.
I would urge those businesses that advertise in your paper, to reconsider their patronage of your service.
Unless you can remodel your paper into the form of toilet paper, I would appreciate not having your trash delivered to my house.
Chris Allanson

Rock bottom
YOU are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with the headline “Fuck you Brad” in last week’s Herald.
That is so disrespectful to many of the readers of this paper.
You don’t have to use foul language.
Trevor Freight

I’D just like to comment on the story concerning the Fremantle Council supporting the 300-patron tavern at Arthur Head.
As my family read your paper and see it as a community/family paper, I thought the headline was inappropriate.
Not only that, but to have Mr Herbert Bropho’s photo pictured above is an assumption—certainly by the younger readers that the phrase is attached to Mr Bropho.
I don’t know him personally but according to the article he went to a great deal of effort in representing his point of view by attending in part-traditional dress and it’s unfair to seemingly link this headline comment with his image.
Kim Ferguson
Address supplied

Now, I am not a prude, but…
I AM a long time reader of the Herald and I’m writing to complain about the headline in the article about the Sunset tavern meeting in North Fremantle and what the lady called out to Fremantle mayor Brad Petitt.
One of my staff read the heading and he was absolutely furious and disgusted by what he saw. I also feel the same way.
Tom Percy wrote an interesting article in the West Australian newspaper yesterday that basically said that most of society’s problems, are caused due to a lack of respect which is so prevalent in our modern society.
Now I usually don’t agree with Tom Percy that often, but this time I thought his article was spot on and the headline you have used in this weeks Herald backs up Tom Percy’s argument by showing a complete lack of respect for all of your readers and demonstrates a  complete lack of judgement.
First, the foul language is terrible and unnecessary and second it is under the picture of the Aboriginal elder used in the same article and gives the readers the impression that the elder has uttered the swear words.
Now I am not a prude, but I do often cringe at the foul language used in the streets and on public transport, but it is no wonder that our youth are talking in this foul way, with no regard to the feelings of the other people around them, when our local paper is now teaching them that it is okay to use the same foul language.
Your headline really is completely morally wrong and nothing you can say in response to my letter will undo nor justify the actions of the paper.
Please don’t hide behind the argument that you were just reporting what was called out.
I think the paper should man/woman-up and offer an apology to all of its readers of all ages and especially to the aboriginal elder who has had his reputation smeared by his picture being linked to the article.
Bruce Haskell
Owner of Bousfields Menswear
High Street, Fremantle
The Ed says: Please see our apology on page 2.

Gutter talk
Thanks for dragging your paper down into the gutter with ‘that’ headline!
I can’t think of how many people you may have offended but I certainly was and not compelled to read on further.
There are other ways you could have printed that ‘quote’ without having to actually type the word.
I work in a primary school and it is getting harder and harder to teach children good manners and to speak with respect.
What hope do we have if you think it is appropwriate to print that headline knowing that persons of all ages including children read your paper.
Paper will be going straight to the recycle bin from now on.
Greta Scheggia
Via email

The F bomb
I WISH to complain about the news article published in last week’s Melville Herald.
The article specifically used the F word in full.
The paper was left on my table and my children, parents and visitors all saw it and were appalled that it would be in print in a local paper.
Please show some respect for your readers and don’t assume your lower standards are the same as the general community.
My parents, visitors and me will be putting your paper in the bin when we receive it from now on, where it belongs.
And no, we are not religious.
D Barrett
Aitken Drive, Winthrop

Low class
THAT headline was an absolute disgrace.
As a teacher trying to teach the young generation about respect, this type of low-class disrespectful reporting absolutely hinders everything we are trying to instil in the young generation.
The disgusting headline is not necessary; just sensationalism and shows a total lack of respect to your readers.
Language like this in the headline of your article is totally inappropriate.
Julie Hughes
Davy Street, Alfred Cove

Sack ‘em
REGARDING that headline, which reflects a total lack of respect for me as a reader and Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt.
As the editor you are in the same boat.
A total disgrace by your newspaper.
The editor and journo who wrote the story should be sacked.
Just because a decision goes against your feelings, you do not resort to slander. Put up an argument or say nothing.
Totally disgusted.
Steve Bell
Allen Street, East Fremantle
Editor says: My sacking will be discussed with the Publisher.

Green ghost?
DON’T be too quick to assume Josh Wilson will win the federal by-election for Fremantle.
Remember that at the 2009 state by-election in Fremantle, which the Liberals similarly did not contest, Adele Carles won for the Greens.
And the reason? Well, surprisingly, every otherwise Liberal voter put the Greens first.
The 2009 by-election was due to the retirement of long-standing MLA Jim McGinty who at his last election in 2008 secured a primary vote of 38.7 per cent compared to the Liberal’s 30.2 per cent.
In 2009 most assumed that without a Liberal candidate at least some of those Liberals would vote ALP. Didn’t happen.
In fact, the ALP candidate in 2009, the high profile former mayor of Fremantle Peter Tagliaferri, secured a 38.5 per cent primary vote – lower than Jim McGinty’s last effort.
That means every single Liberal supporter voted Green.
It should be a concern to the ALP that at the 2016 federal election the Liberals and Greens scored a primary vote between them of 56.6 per cent.
If the ghost of 2009 revisits on July 28 and all those votes again go to the Greens then Josh Wilson is history.
Richard Dalgleish
Address supplied
The Ed says: I wouldn’t bet the house on it, Richard; the Federal electorate’s much bigger and suburban – not as many of those inner city types.

Regarding last week’s shameful Fremantle Herald.
The headline which would naturally be attributed to the person’s photo above it, who did not make this comment, is appalling journalism.
Given the image is of an indigenous person it is blatantly racist.
I would expect an apology in the least.
Fremantle deserves better and expects some sophistication in the local paper.
Dr Peter Wales

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