Plan to save trees

MAIN ROADS says it’s still working with environmental specialists to try and save as many mature trees as possible when High Street gets upgraded.

The department is realigning the street so it can install a large roundabout at the intersection with Stirling Highway, and a smaller feeder road for residents.

But local environmental group FERN reckons that’ll be cactus for about 100 mature trees, including some ancient tuarts at its headquarters on the corner of Montreal Street.

Overlaying Main Roads’ concept plan over an aerial photograph of the area seems to confirm FERN’s concerns.

But Main Roads says it’s doing what it can.

• Main Roads concept plan over the top of an aerial view of High Street seems to confirm FERN’s concerns about tree loss.

Wider median

“One of the main objectives of the High Street project is to minimise tree removal,” the department said in a statement.

“This has informed the draft concept plan which now features a wider median between Montreal Street and Wilkinson Street.

“Creating the wider median will have some impact on the existing public golf course fairway but the new roadway will preserve the avenue of mature trees identified in earlier consultations as highly significant to the community.

“Our consultants are currently undertaking onsite investigations with environmental specialists to confirm that as many mature trees will be preserved as possible as part of the project design as well as during construction works.”

Former FERN head Simon Peterffy says they have grave concerns that the avenue of tuarts won’t survive being on a median strip because they’re not the most robust species around.


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