Start your fleet

WHEN the Herald got a call this week about an old navy ship up for sale with the grand starting price of $9, our thoughts flipped between dreams of a Chook armada with a fleet of destroyers and the more realistic expectation of a clapped-out dinghy.

The reality is somewhere between, but fortunately much closer to the former.

Fuel lighter

The navy’s decided it’s no longer got any use for the 40-metre self-propelled water fuel lighter the Wyulda, which is berthed over at the Stirling naval base on Garden Island and has given it to Australian Frontline Machinery to auction off.

• The Wyulda could be the start of your own fleet. Photo supplied

But as AFM sales and marketing manager Emma Anderson told the Chook, they’re not used to flogging anything quite that big and the site’s set up to offer everything with a rock-bottom reserve to make sure it gets moved on.


If you’ve not got a use for a water fuel lighter, AFM have helpfully suggested some ideas for upcycling it, including as a car ferry, house boat or even a mini bulk container carrier.

You’ll need pre-approval to bid, so if you’re in the market for a darned big ship, head to and stick Wyulda into the search function. But you’ll have to get your skates on, as bidding was due to finish Friday June 1.


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