Pumping Chinese

WE could have been in downtown Singapore as we squeezed up beside diners at the Bull Creek Hawker.

The place was pumping and nobody seemed to care if they shared a table with strangers.

As our first lot of lunch-time companions departed, a lovely old Chinese couple sat down, which was handy as I’d been wondering about a traditional meal being delivered to tables.

To western eyes, white noodle ying yong is rather unappealing with its beige-coloured steamed chicken swimming in a glutenous egg glaze.

But it’s a popular Chinese dish and obviously a best seller at Hawker, with people all around us tucking in with gusto.

With similar enthusiasm, D’Angerous Dave and I tackled a tofu with sate sauce entree ($7.90).

The cubes of soya bean curd were wonderfully crisp and the peanut sauce thick and flavoursome, with a nice chilli finish.

“It leaves a nice tang on the tongue,” Dave said.

A green tea ($2) cleansed the palette for the next round: a kway teow ($10.50), fried rice ($10.50) and fish assam ($16.50).

Kway Teow has to be one of my all-time favourites and Hawker’s was up there with some of the best. The flat noodles were dense and chewy and the Chinese mushrooms gave the dish an authentic flavour.

Fluffy rice

The light and fluffy rice also had plenty of mushrooms, along with a variety of other vegetables.

The first taste of the sauce accompanying the fish was a real “wow” moment as tartness and sweetness combined in perfect harmony.

It bore no relation to sweet and sour sauce tasted elsewhere and was remarkably fresh and light.

The light sauce was the perfect accompaniment to the firm fish fillets and didn’t overpower the still-crunchy vegetables.

There was so much left we took it home for dinner, but were still so full we kept it till the following night, when it was just as good as we remembered.


Bull Creek Hawker
118 Parry Avenue, Bull Creek

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