LETTERS 23.6.18

Keep an open mind
REGARDING the story AMA slams billboard in last week’s Herald.
A vaccine is a pharmaceutical product and I would want to know what is being injected into myself or my family.
The Australian immunisation handbook lists vaccine ingredients in appendices three; not an exhaustive list by any means.
The AMA should be directing readers to such a site instead of bellowing out the usual distracting soundbites.
The article is the usual fictional account of Dr Wakefield, a gastroenterologist who was in fact concerned about the negative effects of the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and advocated the use of single vaccines.
To regurgitate a 20-year-old soundbite about one apparent ‘fraudulent’ study is to ignore the hundreds if not thousands of studies relating to vaccines and their components.
Studies relating to, for instance, vaccine ingredients such as formaldehyde and aluminium hydroxide.
Learn the Risk organisation gives links, amongst many, to the NCBI PubMed, a database of life science journals and biomedical literature, like the British medical journal: demyelinating disease and vaccination of the human papillomavirus.
My concern is that many people, including health professionals, do not know what is in a vaccine and it is high time to stop wheeling out Dr Wakefield’s ‘fraudulent’ study in an effort to stymie any discussion about adverse events resulting from vaccination.
As to the billboard, my response to the AMA is, ‘Do you know what’s in a vaccine?
Well, if nothing else, you know about two components now.
Margaret Shaw
Curtis Road, Melville

AMA afraid?
I READ the article “AMA slams billboard” in last week’s Herald.
Why is the AMA so afraid of a billboard asking ‘Do you know what’s in a vaccine?’
Are we not allowed to question and research the risk of vaccinating versus not vaccinating?
Despite the World Health Organisation saying that vaccines save millions of lives per year around the world, there are law suits because of serious injuries and deaths because of vaccines.
In Spain over Gardasil. In Japan over Gardasil.
The flu shot was taken off the market for under fives in Australia after deaths and injury.
Prevnar was banned in China and Netherlands.
France pulled Rotavirus off their schedule after infant deaths and injuries.
Vaccines are the most profitable pharmaceutical drug on the market.
In terms of profit margin, drug companies make more money off vaccines than they do any other pharmaceutical drug,
There is zero references to any published scientific research whether aluminium in vaccines are safe.
There is a lack of rigorous safety studies by drug companies.
And they don’t have the incentive to do them because they have no liability.
It is a drug company’s dream and a prescription for tyranny.
Despite this, parents are told not to question any of this.
Don’t ignore the billboard in Northbridge – educate yourselves.
Marie Zuidwind
High Street, Fremantle

Protect Port Beach
IN the aftermath of the recent devastating storm damage to Port Beach, resulting in its closure, it has become clear there is insufficient protection of the beach and nearby Fremantle Port infrastructure.
Such protection, in the form of breakwater structures and sea walls, should have been put in place after similar storm damage occurred in 2003, but measures taken then were inadequate and, as expected amongst regular beach users, the damage has been repeated.
We feel that the public needs to know that there are already some sound solutions available in the form of coastal engineering structures recommended 14 years ago, and that action is needed now for long term protection of the area.
Andrew Martindale
Richmond Circus, East Fremantle

We did this!
THE Thinking Allowed on Australia’s policy on asylum seekers (“A self-imposed trap”, Herald, June 16, 2018), could not have been more timely.
There was another suicide this week on Nauru and every Australian had a hand in his death.
He was a 26-year-old Kurdish Iranian seeking asylum in Australia.
It seems that he was kidnapped aged 10 in Iran and threatened with death every day during the three months he was held.
He had been studying dentistry in Iran before he fled the country with his mother and now 12-year-old brother.
We held him on Nauru for five years and it seems despite his repeated requests, we did not provide psychiatric help.
We gave him no hope of settling in Australia and no idea whether his family would ever be settled.
His 12-year-old brother is one of 29 children and 1369 people we hold in detention without adequate health care, housing and basic human rights.
We did this.
How much longer are we going to do it?
Marion O’Leary
Stevens Street, Fremantle

Where’s the balance?
REGARDING the article “Do you know what’s in a vaccine?” in last week’s Herald.
Thank you to the brave ones who initiated this debate, which is now all over social media and in our conversations.
The fact is we should know what is in a vaccine. This makes us an educated and engaged Perth community, right?
I am just disappointed that the Herald chooses to cite replies only from the AMA WA president Omar Khorshid and Labour MP John Carey, and both with biased replies.
It is not “an appalling anti-health message” neither is it “utter rubbish”
This is not a terrible thing as Mr Carey articulates so poorly.
Let us be informed and make our own choices.
Caroline Colliss
Howson Street, Hilton

Slow sinking
AFTER reading the articles “Pen Fee Outrage” and “‘Fake news’”  in the June 16 edition of the Herald, I am compelled to point out the bleeding obvious.
Governments of all persuasions – federal, state and local – all seem to think the poor average citizen can continue to absorb the cost of living increases that are multiples of the inflation rate; while wage growth is stagnant or going backwards.
God only knows what will happen to our economy over the next 25 years as no government agency is actually reducing its costs to the public.
Having spent a lot of time in a government trading enterprise reducing costs, it is plain that modern technology through CNC and robotic technologies has actually reduced material/goods costs. So what’s left? Wages and salaries.
To take a trailerable boat out for a day’s fishing takes 10 licences and/or fees even before you buy the bait.
God only knows how much it costs the Fremantle cray fishermen to get on the water.
Pay for use, plus galloping rates and taxes are not sustainable.
The McGowan and Turnbull governments won’t last at this rate due to inequalities in the system, especially the grants commission carve up of the GST.
How about elected citizens at all levels lift their collective games and actually start reducing the cost of living.
I live in hope.
Eric J Benson-Lidholm
Harris Street, Bicton

LABOR leader Bill Mr Shorten was in Perth last week and again promising Perth voters another $400 million.
Mr Shorten and the Labor party have already stated, regardless of what the productivity commission report recommends, he and his Labor colleague will not vote in favour of the change in either house of parliament. So anything Mr Shorten offers to WA is only an offer.
The voters in upcoming by-elections in Fremantle and Perth needs to send a message to both the Labor Party and the Greens that WA will not accept anything less than 80 per cent of our GST allocation.
WA will never get their true allocation of GST because the Labor party and the Greens have already stated they will block any change to the GST that effects other states.
Remember Victoria and NSW do not have to pay GST on their income from the poker machines, which equal to many hundreds of million dollars extra each year which WA doesn’t receive.
We should not be fooled by Mr Shorten’s promises, because we know where WA Labor promises have got us in the past.
Steven Cruden
Witts Lane, Kwinana 

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