Superman’s return to Oz

IN most people’s eyes, Superman Returns was a phenomenal success.

The 2006 blockbuster starring newcomer Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel was praised by critics, adored by fans, nominated for an Academy Award, selected in Empire’s top 500 films of all time and was the best-selling DVD of that year.

But Warner Brothers thought the film was box-office kryptonite and they scrapped plans for a sequel.

Despite this, Routh looks back fondly at the film.

“The film had a massive impact on my life because of the experiences of that journey – from the honour of playing that character to all the people I meet daily who tell me about the positive impact Superman has on their lives,” he says.

Routh will make a return of a different kind when he appears at the Supanova Comic Con and Gaming Expo in Perth this weekend.

It’s the first time the actor’s been in Australia since filming the doomed Superman reboot in Sydney.

The first actor to portray Supes on the big screen since Christopher Reeve in 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Routh knew he had some very big red boots to fill.

“Inherently with that there’s a situation where you have to rebuild an entire audience,” he says.

“You can’t expect a film to make 600 to 700 million dollars when you have to rebuild, relaunch and rebrand such an iconic character which Christopher Reeve left an indelible mark on.”

One of Superman Returns’ best moments is when it’s revealed that he’s the father of Lois Lane’s son, Jason.

With 12 years having passed since the film’s release, what would the characters be doing today?

Would Supes and his son be vacationing on Pluto; fighting off interplanetary threats?

“That’s a great question,” Routh laughs.

“I would have Superman and Lois together, having found a way to be happy and have Jason be part of that happiness.

“Superman to me is an educator. He’s a teacher so I would trust that he’s able to help the citizens of the world be more human to each other. Hopefully he’s showing people their own greatness through his actions.”

Routh says he is looking forward to visiting WA.

“I’ve never been to the west side of Australia. I can’t wait to get over there and meet everyone.”

Supanova is on at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre from June 22 – 24.

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