Learning the  piano!

The new PianoEasy method is taking the world by storm! Come and join the growing Fremantle PianoEasy community learning and making music with the best instrument of all – the piano!

Within no time you (or your child) will know all the notes and chords and be able to play your favourite pop songs. You’ll be writing your own blues song before the end of the first term, as well as playing a classical song, some easy listening and some sing along pieces. Before Christmas you’ll be improvising and starting to learn how to read and write music. Within a few years you will have a gift that lasts the rest of your life. Best of all, you will be learning with other people, sharing the joy of being able to play, while getting better and better over time – each in your own individual way!

PianoEasy Music School can be found in the groovy revamped cinema theatre at the Old Boys School on Adelaide Street (located between a pub, a cathedral and a circus). For more info, or a free introductory lesson, contact Anneka today on 0448 609 049, or check out the website: PianoEasy.com.au and facebook: PianoEasy and instagram: PianoEasy.fremantle.

92 Adelaide Street, Fremantle
Phone 0448 609 049

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