POLICE have identified the man who defaced a war memorial at Monument Hill in Fremantle with his faeces.

A member of the public watched in astonishment as the young man emptied a bucket of his own waste over memorial plaques last Sunday evening (June 24).

Police are speaking to the man and he has been sent for a mental health assessment.

At the time of going to print,  no charges had been laid.

The bystander filmed the strange act of vandalism and asked the man what he was doing.

“That’s my poo,” he told the witness, adding his actions were his “personal prerogative”.

Chris Grisewood, ex-memorial warden and current volunteer consultant for Monument Hill, says the incident was unprecedented and “outrageous”.

“It’s weird, it’s very strange,” he says.

“It’s a war memorial that’s open to the public so we used to get all sorts of things: Vandals used to go up there and drive all over the lawn and it was known for drugs for a while. Skateboarders used to use it for a skate park until the council built one around the corner…we’ve had everything, but nothing quite like this.”

Mr Grisewood, who lived opposite Monument Hill for more than 40 years, remembers “Women against War” defacing the monument about 25 years ago in protest of the rape of women that occurred during the war.

“They wrote all over the memorial,” he says.

“We also had a naked man up there on one of the bollards and police had to go up there… you know odd things like that, but nothing this insulting.

“This is outrageous.”


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