Don’t block our view

WHITE GUM VALLEY residents on Hope Street are worried they will lose their view after a landowner applied to build a three-storey apartment block across the road from them.

In March this year the landowner of a megablock bound by Hope Street, Wongan Avenue, Watkins Street and Yalgoo Avenue, requested Fremantle council amend the local planning scheme to rezone the property from R20/25 to R60.

The city consulted the community and 25 of the 29 submissions it received opposed the development, with many residents concerned about a three-storey development in a residential area of prominently one-storey houses.

“The corner of Hope Street and Wongan Avenue is a topographical high point to the proposed area of ‘change of zone’”, read one submission.

Highly visible

“A three-storey apartment development at this site will be unattractive to the outlook for residents on all the adjoining roads.

“It will be highly visible on the landscape,”

East Ward councillor Jenny Archibald says she’s against rezoning that allows the development of three-storey buildings, but she’s all for an increase in development density.

“I think a lot of people are supportive of an increase in development density, providing it works well.”

Ms Archibald says rather than seek amendments to the local planning scheme, the landowner could wait until Freo Alternative’s development strategies are approved by the state government.

The Freo Alternative is a new planning policy that aims to have a wider range of housing within Fremantle’s suburban areas, while maintaining neighbourhood values.

It’s an alternative for landowners of over 600sqm in White Gum Valley, Samson, Hilton, O’Connor, Beaconsfield and Fremantle.

“The Freo Alternative is currently before state government but should be approved much quicker than amendments the landowner wants to make,” Ms Archibald says.


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