Yum yum

THERE are lots of quirky Japanese phrases to describe the act of cooking and eating.

Some of my favourites are tsuru tsuru, the sound of a person slurping noodles, and ton ton, the rhythmic whack of a knife cutting cabbage on a board.

Peko peko is the sound of a hungry tummy and mine certainly was rumbling when I visited Peko Peko in Attadale recently.

The family-owned eatery serves up superior Japanese takeaway and has another two outlets in Doubleview and Dunsborough.

“Our vision is to freshen up the takeaway scene by creating healthy, vibrant and unique chef prepared food that is nourishing and available every day for busy people,” reads Peko’s blurb.

The display cabinet had rows of sushi and rice paper rolls, all of which looked super fresh and enticing.

As I deliberated what to get, the uber-helpful waiter offered me a taster of some miso soup.

I’m not usually a fan of the salty broth but this Moroccan lentil version was divine, so I got a large to take home ($9), as well as a couple of Nepalese curries ($13.50).

With that night’s dinner sorted it was time for lunch on my own; starting with the tuna avocado sushi.

The $6 half roll was so big there was no way I could tackle a whole on my own, but it was so delicious I’d have a given it a go.

I’d barely polished off the last morsel when the tofu teriyaki arrived ($15).

There’s a chicken, salmon and beef version, all made to order with lightly sautéed vegetables and steamed turmeric rice.

If I knew any Japanese, I might have exclaimed “hoka hoka” – the sensation of steam touching my face – as I tackled the piping-hot dish.

Super fresh

The plentiful mix of vegetables were just crunchy, and the rice was wonderfully salty with a slightly sweet caramel taste and texture.

Oh, and the soup and the curry went down a treat at home.

• Peko Peko head chef Jin prepares rice paper rolls.

Itadakimass, doesn’t exactly mean bon appetit, but it’s close enough apparently, and certainly applies to Peko Peko.

Now what’s Japanese for “I’ll be back”?


Peko Peko
24 Hislop Road, Attadale
open 7 days til 8pm

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