End live exports

THERE has never been a better opportunity to end live exports.

With a legacy of championing animal welfare, more Greens in Canberra could make it possible to end the suffering of millions of sheep each year.  You can make this happen by voting Green in the by-elections in Perth and Fremantle.

The sight of a fluffy puppy panting in a hot car is enough to make anyone spring into action. They might call the police. Some have smashed a window to relieve the suffering before their very eyes. Is it any wonder then that hundreds of thousands of Australians let out a collective groan of anguish when images of animals literally cooked alive on livestock ships flashed on televisions across the nation?

What action could they take?

In the days and weeks following that exposé, we learned that Australians hold true to their compassionate values. They cried out on radio stations, made demands in the papers and phoned and emailed their MP demanding that something be done to end the suffering.

For the first time, a multi-partisan outcry in both houses of federal parliament opened the door to legislative change. With the population clearly ready to stand up against the cruel practice, many voices across the chamber were finally convinced by their constituents to take action.

Leading the charge, with years of advocacy under their belt, the Australian Greens were joined by others and laid new laws on the table.

But whenever it’s time to debate, there are few voices supporting the changes needed.

A newly elected member of parliament, I moved to ban sow stalls since the industry bodies had finally agreed to end the practice. I later tabled a bill to secure the free range egg label for those farmers who honestly provided hectares for each hen for their welfare.

In concert with Greens in other state parliaments, I pricked the conscience of ministers and shadow ministers alike; for the animals. Because I believe in a compassionate Australia.

Without support from other elected members, good laws fall off the table.

The numbers are almost there in Canberra. This is the time to take action.

by former Greens MLC LYNN MACLAREN

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