LETTERS 28.7.18

Thanks Chook
ON behalf of the Boer War Memorial Society of WA I am extending our most sincere thanks and gratitude for the article appearing on the front page (“Boer War memorial,” Herald, May 19, 2018).
You will most likely not appreciate what a magnificent boost your article was for a seriously small, impecunious and mendicant, volunteer community group – again, thank you.
We constantly struggle for recognition and it is difficult to emerge from under the shadow of the “Centenary of Anzac” and the global carnage that was World War I and its cost to our young nation.
Nonetheless, the Boer War occupies a distinct place in the history of both our state (pre-federation) and nation.
Kevin Bovell
Honorary Sec, BWMS WA

The bear has been poked
AT the meeting of Melville council this past week, the ‘policy’ about ‘unreasonable conduct of customers’ was considered and passed 8-5.
It should be easy to guess who voted for the policy and who was against.
Our council appears to continue to act like a child goading a bear by poking it with a stick.
When the bear eventually wakes and growls at the troublemaker, it gets blamed for being aggressive or ‘unreasonable’.
The increased concern in the community about our council arises from the way in which it is continuously denigrated, ignored or silenced.
The community are the employers of council, not mere ‘customers’.
Of course we all agree that we should all conduct ourselves civilly in public and in interactions with one another.
But lashing out with a sledgehammer at a fly is hardly the way to solve a problem.
Louis de Villiers

Wavy money
GIVEN the labyrinthine moves by Melville council to ensure the construction of the Wave Park in Alfred Cove goes ahead; little or nothing has been mentioned about the cost to the public of actually entering the place.
Given that the Fremantle Pool charges just more than $6 per person, I would imagine, given that the owners will need to make a profit as well as outlaying for the running costs, that it would be a minimum of $18 per person.
How long before the novelty wears off and people decide it would be cheaper to use the beach to catch real waves.
This happened at the surf-ski place in Spearwood, which was handed over to developers and is now a housing estate.
No doubt a defunct Wave Park would be an asset to some developer in the future, and who knows the long-suffering ratepayers may even get some money back.
Although, as I write these words, a pig just flew by my window.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington Street, Palmyra

The grass is…
IN Fremantle, the last four federal elections have been dominated by three parties: Labor, Liberals, Greens.
Therefore, with no Liberal on the ballot paper for July 28th, the most important choice for every voter will almost certainly be whether to put the Greens’ Dorinda Cox ahead of Labor’s Josh Wilson, or vice versa, even if the numbers are 6 and 7!
There are strong differences between the Greens and Labor on almost every major policy, so voters have a clear choice.  Here’s a shortlist.
1. The Greens reject Labor’s policy demonising and imprisoning asylum seekers who’ve fled persecution. Close the camps on Manus and Nauru, bring the refugees to Australia.
2. With regard to climate change action it’s time to reject Labor’s ‘yes-no-maybe.’ The Greens declare loud and clear – oppose all new fossil fuel projects, beginning with Adani.
3. Labor is engaged in a reckless tax auction with the Liberals – “my tax cuts are bigger than yours!”  The tax cuts take revenue from essential services that would provide much greater help to the majority: better funded infrastructure, health care and education, plus a decent social safety net (eg: New Start allowance).
4. Big money corrupts our democracy. The Greens propose more transparency and severely capping donations.
For some time now, the Greens have challenged Labor to join them in demanding a federal anti-corruption watchdog, a bill to allow dying with dignity and an end to the Private Health Insurance Rebate, with the money being directed into Medicare – especially dental care. More recently the Greens have committed to legalising marijuana and changing the date of Australia Day.
There is a long tradition whereby the Greens’ pioneering policy is initially ridiculed or ignored, but then later adopted by governments, occasionally Liberals (eg: gun control laws), but more usually Labor (eg: marriage equality is the most recent). I hope Labor will soon embrace the humanity and common sense of the above Greens initiatives.
Even sooner – July 28 – I hope voters will send a message to Labor that Fremantle isn’t a safe seat.
Rob Delves
Gibson Street, Beaconsfield

Oh, Melville
YOU’VE got to hand it to Melville council.
When it’s a choice between saving lives and saving trees, the latter wins every time.
Take the first 100 metres of tree-lined Kintail Road in Applecross: for the last month havoc has reigned as heavy haulage vehicles wind their way between delivery vans, buses and drivers exiting a garage and a supermarket.
All competing with the never ending flow of traffic coming off Canning Bridge.
But never fear, amid all this chaos and life-threatening activity Melville council has guaranteed no tree will be in harm’s way by erecting a steel cage around one of the endangered species.
And we thought they didn’t care!
Barry Thornton
Kintail Road, Applecross

Read Ted Hughes
REGARDING the article “Ravin’ about rescue” in last week’s Herald.
Ravens or crows may be a pest or vermin strewing rubbish all over the place, but all they are doing is looking for food.
It leaves you pretty disgusted that no one wanted to know about the raven’s problems.
It’s only a bird, but if it was human it would be a different story.
Frank Cherry
Elderberry Drive, South Lake

Freo Inc
AT the last local elections I wrote to two people running for office in Fremantle as a new resident of the city.
I had no idea that these two people were so caught up in their own narrow views, and now that the Kings Square redevelopment is well under way, it seems that they just do whatever they want, and have no idea about running a business/council to the benefit of all ratepayers.
As I explained in my letters as a shareholder, they have a stake Fremantle’s future as do many other people including the premier, and as I haven’t seen or heard of any improvement, I have decided to write to the Chook and see what happens.
My discussion point was the council should pay all ratepayers a dividend for their contribution to making Fremantle one of the best places in Australia: as Kevin Rudd said, the south west of Australia is the best kept secret of the country.
You have a huge potential to go to the top and make it a world refuge point –not only for refugees but homeless as well. Put all the bits in place and the world will see that Fremantle is the nirvana everyone in the world community is looking for.
Sticking people in gaol and on islands in the ocean is bullshit; run Fremantle like you own it or bugger off.
Bob Reinkowsky
Knutsford Street, Fremantle

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