Mighty Mick

HE might be turning 90 this Wednesday, but that won’t stop Melville local Mervyn “Mick” Arthur Jahn living life to the full.

Born in Subiaco on August 1, 1928, Mick still plays tennis twice a week at Blue Gum Tennis Club, where he is an inaugural member, and listens to jazz every week in Freo.

He also looks after his wife of 70 years, Beryl, who at 89 is still physically fit, but suffers from dementia.


After proudly displaying a medal he received for donating more than 100 pints of blood to the Red Cross, he says he’d still be donating if it wasn’t for a rule stopping people over 80 from doing so.

Mick will even give back to the community after he’s gone, and has signed up to UWA’s body donation program.

Throughout his life Mick has been a sterling citizen with a commitment to doing his best and getting involved in the community.

“He likes to be involved and I’ve taken a bit after him in that respect,” his daughter Beverly proudly says.

• “Mick” in his fineries. Photo supplied

After his mother refused to sign the paperwork required for him to join in the navy shortly after WW II ended, Mick began his apprenticeship as a fitter and turner at Tomlinson Steel.

Even in his young years, Mick’s commitment and professionalism was recognised, with a reference from the company stating he had “distinguished himself by his excellent manner and capable attitude displayed to his work”.

After spending many years at Tomlinson and a local timber company, Mick worked for the local Port Authority in Freo before joining the Metal Trades Union.

Such was his dedication to blue-collar work and the trade union movement, he was sent to England for six months to learn about trade union law.

This would be the only break Mick and Beryl would have in their 70 years of marriage, which produced five children, nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

After purchasing a block of land and a house on Aldridge Road in Brentwood for roughly 3000 pounds in the late 1950s, Mick served as a councillor for many years on the Melville Roads Board, which is now known as Melville council.

If you would like to celebrate Mick’s birthday and recognise his contribution to Melville, you can join the family for a celebration at Blue Gum Tennis Club on August 4, between 3-6pm.


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