Transport push

FREMANTLE council will lobby the McGowan government to bring forward key public transport projects in the region. This week’s council meeting ratified a transport committee motion that effectively says open-minded promises by progressive state governments aren’t good enough. Mayor Brad Pettitt says they’re stifling the city’s growth.

The state government is looking at a high-priority transit corridor between Fremantle and Cockburn Central, and between Fremantle, Kwinana and Rockingham, but they’re not due until at least 2030, while another linking Murdoch, the Cockburn Coast and Fremantle is listed as “beyond 2050”.

“The kind of public transport we would like to see is a light rail going up South Street, linking Murdoch Activity Centre to Fremantle, and then also going through Cockburn, linking to Cockburn Central,” says Dr Pettitt.

He says the McGowan Metronet plan is missing public transport connections in the south-west metropolitan area.

“There’s nothing west of the freeway and south of the river, and it’s important for the gap there to be filled.”

He says this will help combat urban sprawl and get more houses within metropolitan boundaries.


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