Blind to the problem

ANOTHER accident on a notorious blind corner on Carrington Street last weekend will see Cockburn council take another look to see if it can be made safer.

An allegedly drunk driver lost control of his car on Sunday evening and took out the fence and a substantial tree at the historic home of the Sudell family, who farmed the area between Healy and Clontarf roads from 1922 before sub-dividing the land.

There’s now apartments where David Sudell played in the paddock while growing up, and a Red Rooster across the road, but he still lives in the family farmhouse and said there’s a crash at the site every few months.

“Because it’s a blind corner and it narrows, when people’s wheels touch the curb, it drags them towards our place,” he said.

• An allegedly drunk driver wrote off his car and took out a fence and tree in Hamilton Hill on Sunday. Photo by Steve Grant

“If you look you can still see a dip in the fence from where the last one went through; the builder we bought in to fix the fence did a bit of a dodgy job.”

Mr Sudell says he remembers a motorbike cop dying on the corner during a high-speed chase 40 years ago, and says the council has already tried flattening out the big hump that once confronted drivers. “I’m not sure there’s much more they can do,” he says.

But the council’s chief engineer Charles Sullivan says they’ll take a look anyway, after a search of the Main Roads database showed several minor crashes this year, including one where the driver was injured.

“City officers will investigate the speed environment and driver safety considerations with a view to recommending any modifications,” Mr Sullivan said.

He said there weren’t any specific plans being considered for that stretch of Carrington Street and says the bend can be negotiated safely if people stick to the speed limit.


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