LETTERS 18.8.18

A royal response
I SPENT the weekend door-knocking in Plympton, East Fremantle, asking for signatures on a petition requesting that the WA planning commission approves the town of East Fremantle’s amendment to their planning scheme to limit the height of any development at the rear of the Royal George Hotel.
I was heartened by the positive response from the majority of citizens who are passionate about the impending restoration of this East Fremantle icon and with one exception, everyone reckoned that the town’s amendment will give the developer ample opportunity to recoup the cost of restoration.
Most people fear the threat of a 21-storey tower being allowed to be built on the rear of this site, sandwiched between Stirling Highway and the beautiful Duke Street.
This could happen if the WA planning commission do not endorse, and the planning minister does not approve, the town’s amendment.
Thank you East Fremantle for your concern and your support.
Jono Farmer
Sewell Street, East Fremantle

Grandiose goodbye
WITH regard to the Thinking AllowedA cheerless farewell” in last week’s Herald.
Shayne Silcox you don’t have to compare the skills needed by a CEO of Melville council to the powers of divinity, Ghandi etc.
Simply put your task was to administer and manage the decisions that the councillors and mayor made; whether they are ill-informed or not.
The electors eventually will decide their fate .
As far as many electors are concerned, your farewell seems to be accompanied with a lot of cheering.
Karl Kelers
Clydesdale Street, Alfred Cove

IN response to Ryan Lobik’s letter “Goodbye, past” in last week’s Herald, he is not the only one saddened by the demolition of the marshalling yard building at Leighton, North Fremantle.
It seems there are plans to turn the site into a large park.
I don’t see why this building could not have been included in the new park as a cafe or something.
Though the building was 50-odd years old, we think some heritage is lost.
E Johnson

If it aint broke
YOUR article “Keep the change for now” in the August 4 Herald didn’t mention that the current app available to assist parking is being removed.
This is sad. To use it all I do is pick my car in the app and then point my phone camera at the barcode on the meter or nearby parking sign.
Secondly, I can review my parking tickets and when I last parked.
Best part is the cost: If I take say 17 minutes to do my shopping then I am charged 17 minutes on my credit card.
Why can council not extend their system to cater for those of us happy with the current app, Cellopark?
Barnard Clarkson
East Fremantle 

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