Yoga for kids

TEACHERS should use yoga to relax stressed-out kids in WA schools, says Beaconsfield local Regina Cruickshank.

She trains teachers in the Yoga Ed system, which started life in the US in 1999 and quickly became popular across the globe.

It’s a great tool for calming kids after playtime and helping them overcome anxiety as that important school test looms, Ms Cruickshank says.

“We teach breathing skills to calm them.”

She recently held her first course at her Yogazeit centre, training a small group that included teachers, midwives and paediatric physiotherapists.

• Seven-year-old Maddy finds her inner-self.

Mental health

“They all want to make a difference.”

Ms Curickshank hopes teachers will embrace Yoga Ed because it can be used anytime, in a variety of situations, including simple breathing exercises at a pupil’s desk.

“Teachers can implement it at their own discretion; it’s something that compliments the curriculum.”

Yoga has been shown to improve physical and mental health in school kids, according to Harvard Health, published by the Harvard Medical School.

• Kids at the Hilton PCYC enjoy some relaxing yoga.

“It improves balance, strength, endurance and aerobic capacity,” contributing editor Marlynne Wei says.

It’s also good for self-esteem, enhanced learning and classroom behaviour, “and can even reduce anxiety and stress in children,” she says.

Ms Cruickshank took up yoga as a teenager and says it’s a great tool for young people, “when a lot of things are happening in life and you don’t know where you fit…for kids going into high school or going into university or work.”

Upcoming training courses include a yoga program for children and teenagers at the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre, and a course for teachers at the Hilton PCYC.

For more information go to or call Regina on 0405 551 635.


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