Density blow

THE lack of a developer contribution scheme has killed off Fremantle council’s plans for a high-density precinct behind the Woolies in South Fremantle, at least temporarily.

For more than two years the council has been kicking around a planning scheme amendment that would allow predominantly residential development around Brockman Place of up to six or seven storeys.

But at last week’s strategic planning and transport committee, councillors decided to put it on the backburner because affected landowners don’t want to help pay for road upgrades that would make that level of development feasible.

A compromise suggested by officers for slightly less ambitious development targets was also killed off by councillors, who instead instructed the CEO to tell the owner that if they get their act together in the future the city would be happy to revisit the amendment.

Cockburn has had a developer contribution scheme covering the whole city for almost a decade which helps fund things like roads, drainage, rec centres or even libraries.

But with few large greenfield sites like its southern neighbour, Fremantle hasn’t bothered putting together its own.

In a report to the committee, the council’s planning staff say the expense of creating a contribution scheme just for Brockman Place might be recouped over time, but it would need the support of landowners.


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