That’s not the end of it

THE Bibra Lake Retirement Village will keep its emergency response helpers…for now.

But those who want to keep our “carers” are under no illusion that this issue will rear its ugly head at some time in the future.

I refuse to call them ERAs. They were carers when I moved in here and to me they are carers now because they care what happens to us – the residents.

And I am sure that many of the people who voted not to keep them, has at some time or another, asked for their help.

To suggest that an ambulance be called to pick up someone off the floor who is unhurt but unable to get up, is a waste of an ambulance which could be used to save a  life.

I have no complaint about Tunstall Healthcare and their carers complemented the service.

It is disgusting that  the carers could have lost their jobs for a lousy $50 or $60 a month which, at the most, is $15 a week

I would like to know what staff would be available apart from the manager and assistant manager if the carers left.

Then there is the matter of the gates which are closed at 7pm and 8pm every night.

We would have to pay thousands to have them electrified.

Also, residents would have to pay for Silver Chain or Cockburn services which defeats the object somewhat.

I was told by  a ‘no’ voter that we were not a nursing home or a retirement village, but it was lifestyle living.

If that is the case then Lendlease is unaware of it, as its online adverts refer to it as a retirement village.

Some people in areas with two-bedroomed villas, a front garden and adjoining carport are paying less levies than us in Lakeside Gardens and Victoria  with one bedroom, due to strata titles, but apparently there is nothing we can do about that.

Yet it is some of those people who are complaining about paying an extra $50 or $60 a week to keep the carers. Those people came into this village knowing there were carers here; if they didn’t want them they should not have moved in.

by Lakeside resident
Anne Osbourne

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