Fly by Night fundraiser

THE Fly by Night has asked Fremantle council to give it a rolling lease on Victoria Hall.

Treasurer Richard Skead says while the Fly had already been given a lease extension until October, because the sale of the building (potentially to a new landlord in the Anglican church) would take some months, the club was hoping to stay there to run shows and build up its bank balance.

He says it’s still a struggle to keep on top of the bills, so the club is running a big fundraiser on September 21. The event’s title, Save The Fly, gives some indication of the club’s predicament.

The fundraiser will feature performances from local blues royalty Lee Sappho and Wayne Green, big hitters Greg Hitchcock (You Am I) and Nick Sheppard (The Clash) in The Hand Me Downs, Rockin’ Hendy and the Roaring Mongrels and J Cortez + guest.

It all kicks off at 6pm on and there’ll only be tickets at the door – they’ll set you back $15.

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