Seven go on an adventure

ALL Rottnest Primary School’s pupils – a grand total of seven – jumped on a ferry recently for a big day out.

After a morning visit to the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, the students joined local schoolies at the Sound of Picture Books event at Freo’s Literature Centre.

The concept was to bring Kirli Saunders’ book, The Incredible Freedom Machine, to life with art, music and drawing.

Ms Saunders says the idea for the picture book came to her while riding her Ducati Monster 659.

“It’s about freedom, really,” she says.

The writer decided to reach out to artist Matt Ottley to see if her dream of getting him to illustrate her work might become a reality.

The illustrator/musician went one better and agreed to compose music for the story as well.

Mr Ottley has synesthesia, a condition in which one sense can be simultaneously perceived by another, and he can hear the music behind what he sees.


The artist drew a portrait of Rotto primary student Sophie in a matter of seconds, then pondered it briefly and allowed his hand to pour a few lines of music across a new page.

The band then played Sophie’s very own unique, musical portrait.

Following these fun activities, Ms Saunders read her work from start to finish, with Mr Ottley’s animations providing visuals on a projector screen, and the musicians playing his music.

Rotto primary student Darby said he liked the illustrations because they were colourful.

“It was really good. My sister and I have a bike and a scooter and we feel free when we ride them too.”


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