WHAT’S ON: The Night Zoo


Spring into the September school holidays with The Night Zoo, one of the most heart-warming productions from Australia’s leading puppetry company, Fremantle-based Spare Parts Puppet Theatre.

Jamie lives in a concrete jungle – a fast paced, busy city. From her apartment window, the only living creatures she can see are the birds in the sky. She would love to have a pet, but Mum and Dad say there’s no room in their apartment.

Then one night as the moon rises above the city something magical happens while Jamie is dreaming. One by one the animals at the city zoo come out to take her dancing in the park. Penguins, meerkats, cranes, an orangutan, a giraffe and even an elephant come out to play with Jamie!  Then dawn approaches, her dream, like the moon, begins to fade. But there is one more surprise in store…maybe dreams do come true!

The special connection we share with our furry friends is celebrated in this colourful, large scale puppetry production. Writer and director, Michael Barlow said that The Night Zoo was created to express the joy that comes from making friends with animals.

“Befriending an animal is a wonderful thing,” he said. “And looking after a pet allows children to discover in themselves feelings of care, kinship and the sheer pleasure of being alive.”

The Night Zoo
Spare Parts Puppet Theatre
1 Short Street Fremantle
22 September – 6 October 10am & 1pm daily
Plus 6.30pm performances on 28 September & 5 October
Special Auslan interpreted performances: Saturday 29 September 10am & Wednesday 3 October 10am
Duration: 45 mins Perfect for ages 3 and above
No performances Sundays or public holidays
Bookings Essential
Please visit http://www.sppt.asn.au or telephone 9335 5044

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