Bone-head thief

• Jana Braddock is devastated by the theft of part of her cherished artwork Skulls always look happy…

AN artist’s treasured artwork has been stolen from Moore & Moore gallery in Fremantle.

Jana Braddock’s sculpture, Skulls always look happy.., was reported stolen late last month.

The artwork, celebrating the 100-year anniversary of independence in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, has special significance for Ms Braddock as her maternal grandparents were Latvian refugees who came to live in Australia.

“It was the only work I had in the show that was not for sale, as it had far more sentimental value to me than monetary,” Ms Braddock told the Herald, sounding close to tears.

“The idea is that we are all the same. Underneath our skin, our bones are the same,”

A few years back the Skulls won the artist an award, inspiring her to become more serious about a career in sculpting.

“I am really sad, it’s one of those things you work so hard for and for someone to steal it is really hard,” she says.

Ms Braddock is calling on the thief to return the skull to the Moore & Moore gallery.

“I am not a vindictive person; I don’t want to press charges, I just want it back,” she says.

“If the thief has a conscience and feels bad about it, please just return the work the same way it was stolen.”


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