Bonzer brekkie

SPRING sunshine made for a lazy breakfast at The Kiosk in Fremantle.

Sitting in the alfresco area, D’Angerous Dave and I enjoyed the glistening river across the road and the sight of dogs, ducks and kids playing on the grassy reserve near our table.

It wasn’t long before management put out deckchairs and tables on the lawn, and I bet they’ll be really popular when the weather heats up.

Formerly The Beach Street Cafe, it was revamped as the Kiosk about two years ago, and now there’s plenty on the menu for meat lovers and veggos alike.

My Swiss mate couldn’t go passed the corn, carrot, zucchini, and chilli fritters ($18.90), topped with guacamole, salsa and a poached egg.

“It’s really nice, and the fresh tomato on top is a lovely contrast,” she said, almost licking the last of the sauce from the plate.

Her partner was the thinnest member of our quartet, and I could see why he opted for just a muffin ($5) and coffee ($4).

It was a particularly delicious lemon and white chocolate muffin, which he thought was a bit dry at first, until he realized there was butter on the side.

D’Angerous Dave stuck with his favourite – mushrooms and poached eggs ($17.50).

“The mushrooms are really tangy and toothsome,” he opined.

I’m a fan of pancakes for breakfast and The Kiosk’s came with caramelised banana and nutella ($16.50).

The flavours were terrific, but the dish was a bit dry and could have used some cream or ice cream; but that didn’t stop me cleaning up the lot.

We lingered long enough to consider it morning tea time, so ordered a round of brownies.

Slightly warmed, they were deliciously moist, rich and chewy.


The Kiosk Fremantle
123 Beach Street, Fremantle
open Mon–Fri breakfast and lunch

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