Boos get softer

FANS of Booyeembara Park are cautiously optimistic about new plans which show less of the reserve being impacted by the realignment of High Street.

Long-time park supporter Stephanie Jennings says a Herald story back in June (“A chip and a slice”) had come at a critical time in showing Main Roads and Fremantle council how much the local community valued Boo Park.

“It saved the olive grove,” Dr Jennings said of the story.

Early plans showed the neighbouring public golf course being realigned and taking over the northern section of the park, including the olives and a grove of pencil pines.

But following the story and subsequent discussions by locals, Main Roads commissioned a golf course designer who came up with a new plan that didn’t impact on the park at all.

Dr Jennings says the council then engaged its own expert who tinkered with the design, and while it now has an impact on the park, it ’s minor.

“We were all quite thrilled,” Dr Jennings says of the reaction when the plans were presented to the last White Gum Valley precinct meeting.

“I understand there still some discussion about the future of the admin building and whether that will sit between the golf course and the park, so I guess that’s up in the air,” she said.


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