Epic charity ride

• Denise Crosbie has been tackling the South West on horseback to help tackle depression. Photos

BEST known for her two decades championing wetlands issues, Denise Crosbie has spent the last fortnight using her love for the environment to help tackle depression.

The Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre boss joined daughter Louise and friends Eliza Allan and Ben Watson to ride almost 500 kilometres through the stunning South West bushland from Denmark to Cardup near Rockingham, without support vehicles, to raise money for Beyondblue.

Clomping through the last section of the trek aboard her gypsy cob cross Archie, Ms Crosbie told the Herald it had been an amazing journey combining her love of the outdoors with an important issue.

“We had a look at a number of organisations and Beyondblue really had a lot of achievements on the board, and they also offer a 24-hour crisis call line, which was really important,” Ms Crosbie said.

The stunning natural environment and friendly reception from country folk were standouts of the journey, which alternated between camping in the bush and dropping a swag on someone’s floor.

“One thing that stands out was we stopped to have a pub lunch at a place called Mumbellup and they had chairs with cushions on them, and when I sat down I thought to myself; ‘oohh, I haven’t sat on anything soft like this for days,” Ms Crosbie laughed.

She said the trek was born during a flight back from Mongolia where her daughter and Ms Allan had just competed in the 1000km Mongol Derby, reputedly the toughest and longest horse race in the world.

Once the pair had decided on the route, the journey took just two weeks to organise. You can follow their progress, including encounters with snakes, car crashes, washed-out bridges and flies – lots of flies – at their Hoofin’ it for Health Facebook page.


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