Going, going, gone!

• Heavy machinery makes short work of the council’s old admin building. Photos by Roger Garwood

IT’S taken just a couple of days for Fremantle council’s 1960s administration and library building to be reduced to rubble.

Most of the old building’s structure will be recycled before the council starts work on a larger $50 million replacement, which is part of the broader Kings Square redevelopment.

Part of the challenge this week was to pull down the building without damaging the 1887-build Fremantle Town Hall, with the demolition crew having to resort to pulling off bits by hand.

There’s no word on a potential builder for the new council headquarters, with the council withdrawing an item about tenders from a special council meeting last month without explanation.

Meanwhile local photographer and blogger Roger Garwood picked up that the council’s development partner Sirona Capital had missed yet another deadline to settle a $6.65m payment to buy the council’s old Spicer site across the road, which was due on September 30.

The council told Mr Garwood despite missing the dealine, the agreement to sell the property to Sirona was still live. The sale would now be subjected to a 30-working-day process before settlement would occur.


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